Fire Damage Restoration

How To Recover From Water Damage, Fire, and Mold

Cleaning Up After a Calamity

Being hit by a calamity such as a flood, fire or cyclones is devastating as it is.  However, the more significant challenge lies in cleaning up the aftermath as early as possible and trying to restore whatever it is that has been salvaged.  Taking into consideration the economic aspect, you may want to cut on costs and do the cleaning job yourself.  However, there are cleanup jobs that you can not do yourself and have to employ the services of professional cleaners.

First Things First

Going back home right after a calamity will not be wise, as it might be dangerous to do so.  You have to have local authorities such as the police or firemen inspect your place before entering it for security reasons. If your house is insured, it would be best to inform your insurer of the experienced calamity immediately so your insurer can start processing the claim.  They can even give you helpful tips or endorse you to reputable water damage restoration companies.  The insurer will appreciate your efforts to undertake the cleaning up parts of your home that do not need special equipment or specialists.

For the following tasks, however, experienced and professional contractors should be employed for best and quick results:

Mold remediation:

Having a prolonged damp environment is one of the best conditions for mold growth.   So after a fire or flood, the home should be rid of stagnant water as soon as possible because molds can develop in a couple of days or less.  Only a professional cleaning company with the right equipment can do this expediently.

Water Damage Cleanup:

After a calamity that exposes a property to excessive water (fire or flood), the property owner should endeavor to extract the excess water at the soonest possible time.  The cleaning contractor can remove the water and clear out the debris to identify which of the items can still be salvaged.  The affected areas, as well as the furniture and fixtures, should be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly.

Cleaning Up After Fire:

The stench of smoke can seep into everything that it touches following a fire.  The resulting soot can discolor and damage any object it lands on.  This is a monstrous job that needs the expertise of cleaning companies to clean up all the rabbles and take out the smoke odor from the entire building, not to mention the air conditioning and heating systems.

Restoration of Documents:

When all the debris has been cleaned up, the next in line of things to do is seeing the extent of damage to your legal documents and personal records.  Depending on the degree of damage, you might have to employ the services of companies specializing in the restoration of documents using some modern techniques.  Some of these are freeze drying, air drying, and dehumidifying.

Austin’s Fire Damage Restoration Experts

Home Fire

Restoration After a Fire

Your business and your house can be severely devastated by this disaster. While the destructive effects on a house may be apparent, a fire also leaves behind many repair problems. ATEX Water Damage Restoration has experience in providing dedicated and immediate emergency response for businesses and homes that have been affected by a fire disaster. They have certified and trained disaster restoration teams at their three locations in the Austin area that allow for a fast response anywhere in the Austin area. They are proficient in smoke and water damage restoration and can adeptly handle any amount of damage that your house might have endured. ATEX has in-house loss assessors which give them the expertise in dealing with Insurance Company adjusters. We will deal with your insurance company and bill them accordingly taking away the stress from you.

Our Services:

  • Fire Damage Restoration and Fire Damage Clean up
  • Structural Renovation and Restoration
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Independent Loss Assessor
  • 24 Hours Emergency Service Emergency smoke removal, clean-up, and boarding up
  • Packing out (inventory of items that need to be restored) and stored
  • Cleaning and deodorizing of ceilings, flooring, and walls
  • Cleaning and deodorizing of content
  • Fire damage restoration service

Why ATEX is Different

Understanding the science behind fire affected property is what makes ATEX different from a building contractor. A complex chemical reaction is created by a fire that can release powerful toxic gases from everyday household items, such as curtains, mattresses, and toys. If your house has been devastated by a fire, then the soot on the interior of your house most likely contains these toxins. Just like different cleaning techniques have to be employed to clean different materials, efforts to efficiently remove soot left behind after a fire can only be accomplished through specific procedures. Our fire-damage repair and restoration technicians can do their job correctly and quickly because they have many years of training and experience in restoring fire-damaged homes.

Inspection and Pretesting

Arriving at a fire scene, technicians will determine the type of smoke contamination that has occurred. For example, chip pan fire requires a different cleaning process than a cigarette that has caused fire damage to a cotton suit. Depending on the information that our technicians identify during the pretesting, they will decide on the cleaning procedures to be adopted.

  • ATEX technicians will determine the extent of repair and the scope of fire clean up, restoration, and repairs needed by inspecting the property during the pretesting.
  • ATEX technicians will also have to determine the materials that can be restored and the ones that will have to be replaced. They will also decide how to start the cleanup of the fire damage

Under most circumstances, they will be able to clean the contents of your house, such as clothing, furniture, etc. and restore them back to their original condition using their cleaning methods and specialized equipment. If they cannot, they will ensure that the Insurance Company arranges a cash settlement with you. ATEX realizes what a very stressful experience this is for you. But, you do not need to concern yourself about the insurance claims process because ATEX has their own loss assessors acting on your behalf. ATEX will assist in speeding the settlement of your insurance claim, by working with your insurance company.