Copper Gutters

Not Just for Historic Homes

The standard for gutters use to be copper. It was copper because the processes for making steel last as long as it does now, combined with the new paint coatings for aluminum were not yet available. It is especially typical for churches, government, and people with historical homes to invest in a copper roof and gutter system. The reason is, copper has a timeless beauty that cannot be replaced, along with a superior durability that is unmatched when it comes to catching water.

Copper Last a Lifetime

The average gutter system will last about 15 years because of needed replacement. The ordinary copper gutter system will last as long as 100 years. So for churches, government, and historic homes, this is a no-brainer. Instead of buying gutters roughly 6-7 times per 100 years, they will only buy gutters once, at a higher up-front cost, but with substantial overall saving.

Copper Adds Beauty

In addition to having superior quality, this Copper is beautiful and adds a unique look to homes that just cannot be replicated for similar costs associated with other home improvements. A Professionally installed copper gutter system is expensive, once you consider the re-sale, curb appeal and high quality of the gutters, it is the smart choice.

Budget Constraints Can Be A Factor

Now, although many have a passion for copper gutters, it doesn’t mean that gutter installation contractors do not offer other systems for different applications. They can not only give you an estimate on Copper but also Steel, Aluminum and Zinc and Galvanized. This way you can decide which product you like the most, weight the costs associated with each installation and get the project done right!

Here are Some of the Benefits of a Properly Installed Gutter system:

  • Reduce the amount of water that falls from the roof
  • Prevent erosion to your lawn and landscape
  • Keep your roof intact
  • Provide your home with a fresh and polished new look
  • Prevent leaks in your basement or foundation area
  • Withstand pressure from snow, ice and other severe weather damage

Traditional Gutters vs Seamless Gutter System

Traditional gutters are known for their chunkiness. Most come in the traditional white color and are considered anything but attractive. However, with seamless gutters, you get the protection you want but in an attractive design that can complement the exterior of your home rather than highlight its fault. Seamless gutters will still direct the rainfall away from your home and lawn but without the tacky design and bulkiness that usually comes with a gutter system. Because of the uniformity that is offered by seamless gutters, they are much stronger than the traditional system as well. When there are too many pieces, a single piece can fail, and this will cause the entire system to fail.